Breast reduction

Large breasts are known to cause backache, painful arms and neck, visible bra-strap lines, difficulty in finding clothes and bras that fit, and significant psycho-social and sexual dysfunction. These issues are real and impact your quality of life, self esteem, work and relationships.
The good news is that you need not live like this forever and a solution that is relatively pain-free exists! It is a breast reduction and in as little as 2 hours, your life can be improved forever! so why wait? A breast reduction uses well described techniques that can lift and reduce the nipple areolar complex, while removing excess skin, fat and breast gland. Nipple sensation is usually maintained, as is the ability to breast feed. Scars are well hidden and symptom relief is immediate. Lesser known benefits include self esteem and reduction in the risk of breast cancer. We have shown that satisfaction from this procedure is rapid and significant. Our surgeons take great care in assessing your physique and ensuring they tailor the ideal management for your needs. They have performed thousands of breast reductions with great satisfaction and will take care of you from your first consultation, well beyond the healing and scar management phase, to ensure longevity and satisfaction of your result.Consultations start with a thorough health assessment. weight, height, smoking and other risks are screened. Examination of your physique is done to understand your unique needs. A breast examination, mammogram and breast ultrasound rules out any cause for concern. We have a strong focus on education about the procedure and your recovery.

Usually the operation takes 2 hours, with an overnight stay at the hospital. Recover can take up to 10 days and regular check-ups will ensure you are healing well. Most patients return to work by 2 to 3 weeks.

Come in to discuss how we can help you, you will never look back!