Rhinoplasty or the cosmetic refinement of the nose is a surgical procedure that can yield dramatic improvements in the appearance and balance of the facial aesthetic. The nose is the centre unit of the face. When unbalanced, the focus on beautiful eyes and lips may be lost to a prominent nose.
Nasal shape may result from trauma, previous surgery, cultural or even medical illness. A desire to alter or refine is not uncommon, and should be done by well-trained and capable surgeons, with an eye for the aesthetic ideal.
Nasal obstruction following trauma, allergies or infection may contribute to a feeling of dissatisfaction and this can be addressed at the same time.
Areas that can be addressed include a crooked nose, deviated septum and nasal bones, with refinements of the tip, hump, flaring nostrils and prominent collumellar.
Standard and specialised rhinoplasty procedures including secondary rhinoplasty, Asian and African rhinoplasty, and ‘filler rhinoplasty’ are available at Parkside Plastic Surgery.
The process starts with a consultation and clear management plan by your surgeons. Once you are satisfied and confident in your surgeon, the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia, and may require an overnight hospital stay. Recovery may be slower than other facial surgery, with 2 – 3 week downtime. Your final appearance will be evident at 6 months.