Male breast reduction – Gynaecomastia

Men can get breast enlargement too! This is known as gynaecomastia and can be embarrassing and traumatising with significant impact on your day to day activities.

Who gets this?
Almost all men will have this at one or other stage of their lives – mainly around the time of puberty. This is known as ‘stoneys’. Usually this resolves. Sometimes it does not. It can also be an indicator of underlying medical problems, drug and alcohol use and even cancer.

Our surgeons will thoroughly assess you specific circumstance and determine the cause of this problem. Thereafter, they can set about improving the appearance of your chest. We aim to reduce your breast to its normal shape with the smallest incision and scars possible. We offer a variety of techniques including liposuction, pull-through and excisional techniques. The severity of this condition guides what we will offer you.

The procedure is a relatively short, day-case operation. You should wear a tight compressive garment for the following 6 weeks after the operation to help compress swelling and accelerate recovery.

Most men will show significant satisfaction following our treatment and will not need any further treatment. A small proportion do require ‘touch-ups’ which can be done under general or even local anaesthesia.

We look forward to offering you the most advanced treatment for your problem, and restoring your confidence and quality of life.