Facial rejuvenation

As the face ages, changes occur in every component of the tissue in the face. These differ between individuals do to genetic and environmental factors.


Skin develops fine wrinkles (rhytides) and course wrinkles that may be static and dynamic (at rest or during animation). There is also thinning of the epidermis, loss of collagen and elastin, and variable pigmentation.


Muscles of the face may enlarge (hypertrophy) and sag, such as around the eyes and mouth.


Fat layers will waste and atrophy, they may herniate from their correct position, and they may show effects of gravity. The hollowing of the face is a characteristic sign of ageing.


Bone volume is lost with reduction in height and prjection, adding further to deflation of the facial appearance.


There is no silver bullet that targets every feature of ageing. Each modality has its strength and weakness. Using the best option for the problem that affects you most is the job of your Surgeon. We understand the value of balancing downtime, efficacy and cost and aim to work with you to meet your priorities.


Options for facial rejuvenation include cosmocuetical, pharmaceutical, chemical peels, laser, botulinum toxin and facial fillers, blepharoplasty, facelifting, brow and midfacial lifting.


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